Hand drawn layouts – ranging between hundreds to thousands – often end up in office basements and archive folders, completely untouched. These layouts are usually not pulled out until redevelopment of existing structures is required.

We provide simple tracing capabilities which allow us to convert these paper-based and 2D microfiche drawings into digital masterpieces.

2D CAD Drafting Services

Accuracy is everything when it comes to 2D CAD drawing. By using traditional as well as conventional 2D CAD drafting methods, we can redraw your existing drawings in CAD from scratch. The drawings are accurately scaled from your original documents – what you get in the end is a much more usable, more accurate and cleaner-looking CAD file.

2D CAD Design

We generate the most detailed 2D CAD drawings through existing drawings and hand-drawn sketches which allow architects, designers, fabricators, contractors and consultants to better understand their conceptual and technical drawings. Our turnaround times are quick and we provide highly streamlined CAD services to meet your deadlines.

2D CAD Drafting

Whether it’s a technical, architectural, construction or fabrication drawing, our 2D CAD designers can convert any older paper drawing and convert it to the latest 2D CAD package as per your requirements.

To date, we have provided detailed 2D structural drawings productions on steel fabrication, reinforced concrete, bar bending schedules, detailing, etc. as well as 2D architectural drawings on production of planning application, building regulation, manufacturing and parts, just to name a few.

Our 2D CAD drawings contain all the necessary symbols, surface texture, dimensions and welding details according to the standards specified by you. Talk to one of our 2D CAD specialists today to get started.