Clients often approach us, asking why measured building surveys in London are required. Our response is always the same: having access to a set of your own personal drawings is absolutely critical when you are planning to develop a new property. These drawings are required at each stage of the development process and will also need to be submitted to your Local Authority as well as Building Control Authority.

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A measured survey in London also allows structural engineers to thoroughly understand all proposed tasks. Irrespective of the project scope, a building surveyor in London is required to carry out a measured survey of the current site and property.

When it comes to measured building surveys in London, it is often under-estimated how important and necessary a set of accurate drawings are, whether they pertain to specific sections, floor plans, elevations or the entire package.

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As a professional building surveyor in London, we are advocates of the fact that accurate drawings form the foundation of a successful and smooth-going project. In our humble experience, many projects have failed as a result of poorly drawn measurements. Inaccurate measurements can lead to additional costs in the form of wasted materials and application resubmission.

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We understand that every project is unique and requires a fresh approach to deal with challenges. Throughout it all, we strictly adhere to your vision while keeping local planning guidance in perspective. We also ensure that Building Regulation details are drawn upon accurately from existing measured survey data to allow for an effortless transition from existing to proposed works.